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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Greece: Seizure risk for 130,000 properties

Of unknown owner…

Properties of all categories, unstructured areas, special buildings, shops, even apartments, which because they are not registered by their owners at the State Land Registry or even due to an error in land registration have been recorded as "of unknown owner" and according to law, after a decade for residents abroad, finally come to the Greek State, are estimated at more than 130,000.

The warning "bell" for the seizure threat rings for all 340 areas of the country that have been included in the Land Registry, while the developments in 20 districts ere registered via the first pilot program called the "Land SA" and acquired a Land Office in 2003 will be direct and unexpected.

As reported in Saturday's Eleftherotypia, the Polikastro and Pefkodasos of Kilkis prefecture are the two first areas of the program for which the 10-year period expires on August 1, 2013, and after which entries in the Land Registry become final and cannot receive an adjustment lawsuit.

On a nationwide scale the "unknown owner" properies recorded at the Land Registry amongst 6.2m rights, are estimated at 130,000 that is at a rate of 2%.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Japan's Debt Problem Visualized

A short, visual explanation of Japan's debt crisis by Addogram. So, it's not only Europe having problem, is it?

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Alex, the Greek

“Alex”: episode 1:

A story about Greece's international image crisis

“Alex” episode 2:

The Lazy Greek

Watch these two videos above created by Omikron Project, a group of girls and guys from Greece who try to show the world the untold side of their country’s current crisis, and crush the negative stereotypes.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

A song for Dimitris - By Joaquín Carbonell (Videoclip)

Varios cantautores, jóvenes y veteranos, grabaron el 3 de mayo en Madrid la "Canción para Dimitris" que Joaquín Carbonell compuso para recordar la gesta del jubilado griego Dimitris Christoulas, que se inmoló en la plaza Syntagma al frente del Parlamento Nacional.

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Hello Europe!...

Our first post

Hello Europe!!!

This is our first post and our main intention is to raise a strong and peaceful voice covering all of Europe, every european region, all peoples living together.

Of course, everyone, dear friends, can send us articles, passages, poems, graphics etc., having relation to this Union - the EU - where we intend to live, happy and free.

Thanks for joining; stay with us.

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